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Intermediate And Senior Phase (Grade 4 - 7)

Natural Science

Our Future

It is no exaggeration to say that our world's future is in the hands of scientists. Science is everywhere. Scientific data and processes tell us the state of our planet, predict outcomes, and offer solutions to the problems of our age. An excellent way to begin 'making the world a better place' is by studying Science.

A Stimulating Environment

Science has been identified as a growth point at Hudson Park, and we are proud of our modern, well-equipped Science Laboratory. Our classes take turns to use it, so that all our learners can have hands on scientific experience.

"All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and somebody who believes in them."

- Magic Johnson

Brief notes on the subjects offered at Hudson Park in the Intermediate and Senior Phases can be accessed via the menu below.

Learning Areas

Our Curriculum covers the areas which are listed below:

  • Life, living, and structures
  • Matter, materials, and structures
  • Energy, change, systems, and control
  • Planet Earth and beyond, systems and control
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Our Focus

Our area of primary concern is verbal communication, and special attention is paid to vocabulary building, basic reading skills, and reading with comprehension. The children also do simple writing exercises in which they learn to construct sentences.

The practical component of lessons is usually a highlight for learners. They love to do spelling and reading, since Afrikaans has a very phonetic construction and words are spelled the way they sound.

Developing Scientists

Our ideal at Hudson Park is to awaken a sense of wonder for the natural world and a love for all things scientific in our learners. We hope that this will encourage many of them to choose careers in Science, since South Africa's critical shortage of Mathematics and Science graduates is well-documented. We believe that it is vital to capture the interest of the children as early as possible.

With our aim in mind, we assign plenty of practical work. The children love this. It has them exploring, investigating, growing plants, observing, testing various things, and in the annual Work Display, demonstrating their proficiency to an appreciative audience.

Scientific Skills

Studying Science develops a wide range of skills which increase personal efficiency. These include the all-important thinking skills, and they deliver improvement in other subjects - even those which are non-scientific - as learners become able to:

  • Plan and carry out experiments
  • Test things
  • Design, make, and evaluate products