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Welcome To The OHA

Greetings to our past pupils! We welcome you to the Old Hudsonian Association, which was established by a dedicated group of alumni, over 5 decades ago. It seeks to preserve and build the Hudson Park heritage, by fostering relationships between past pupils and the school, and strengthening ties amongst our past pupils.

Early Beginnings

The initial members were mainly from East London, and they based themselves in The Nest, in Williams House, where social events were held and activities planned that would benefit Hudson Park.

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We use a website called Scholar Register to collect data for our mailing list, and to enable users to access contact details of former classmates.
LogoGo to the Scholar Register website.

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Reunion Festivities

Party fun, with groups meeting at school or off campus.

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Reunion Sports

Relax around the sports fields, as our young players entertain.

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Founders' Day Celebrations

Awaken old memories by attending our stirring Founders' Day Assemblies.

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Thank You!

A huge thank you goes to our many sponsors and benefactors who help to make our dreams come true.

Alumni at Founders' Assembly Alumni at Founders' Assembly

What Does The Old Hudsonian Association Do?

With support from the school, the Association seeks to:

  • Keep Hudsonians informed about their alma mater and in touch with it.
  • Update Hudsonians with news about their school friends and encourage the renewal of friendships
  • Present annual Reunion events, coinciding with Hudson Park Founders' Day, when past pupils can celebrate in their year groups with former classmates.
  • Encourage alumni to support Hudson Park in material ways, so as to ensure that the school maintains a position of strength in the educational life of our region.

2023 Reunion Weekend

Please keep abreast of happenings in our community by visting our FaceBook pages. The links are given below.

A Big Thank You

We would like to express our gratitude to our past pupils and to the folk who work tirelessly to ensure the success of our Reunion celebrations. Thankyou, one and all!

Fearless As The Eagle

This is the title of a coffee table book, published in 2016, celebrating the history of Hudson Park over the 110 years of its existence, up to that year. You can read about it or order a copy, on the links below.

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