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Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 - 6)

Life Skills

Holistic Development

Life Skills is is taught in the Intermediate Phase and is designed to promote holistic development. It equips learners with knowledge, skills, and values that will help them to achieve their full potential and become independent and effective in responding to life's challenges. Ultimately, this will enable them to be active and responsible members of society.


Learners enjoy this subject, which ranges over topics such as children's rights, bullying, cultural diversity, traffic safety, gender stereotyping, first aid, and disease. Such things have direct bearing on our lives, and what is learned in the classroom can immediately be applied outside it.

"Don't worry that children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you."

- Robert Fulghum

Brief notes on the subjects offered at Hudson Park in the Intermediate and Senior Phases can be accessed via the menu below.


Our Curriculum covers the areas of development which are listed below:

  • PSW (Personal and Social Wellbeing) - healthy lifestyle, personal growth and guidance, and appreciation of cultural diversity
  • PE (Physical Education) - sports, games, and other developmental activities
  • Creative Arts - Drama, Music, Movement, and Visual Arts
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Skills Development

The subject is wide-ranging, not only in the topics it encompasses, but also in the skills which are developed through participation in its activities. Such skills include those related to reading, researching, summarizing, oral and written presentation, planning, organization, and problem solving. Fine and gross motor skills are also developed, along with creativity.

Specialised Tuition

We offer specialised tuition in Sports and the Arts and several Academies have been established. These, together with a flourishing Music Department, cater to the needs of children with particular abilities. In certain sports, professional players form part of our coaching staff.


Our learners are given technical training and encouraged to express themselves freely and confidently through the Arts. They take part in various competitions and eisteddfodau, and all our learners are involved in at least one dramatic production, each year. Many learners also participate in the Life Skills section of the CONQUESTA OLYMPIAD. Many learners also participate in the Life Skills section of the CONQUESTA OLYMPIAD.

Music Lessons

Documents pertaining to Music tuition at the school may be downloaded on the links below, and we invite you to contact our Main Office for further information.