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Primary School
Foundation Phase (Grade R - 3)


The Language Of Learning And Teaching

At Hudson Park, the LOLT is English Home Language. Our goal is to ensure that each learner is given a strong base from which to progress in the higher grades. It is important that language skills are effectively developed early in a child’s academic life, and everything possible is done in pursuit of this ideal.

Learning Tools

Our teachers make use of THRASS, in reading and phonics classes, to assist learners to master the 44 speech sounds and 120 spelling choices.

The ACTIVE EYES project which is run at Hudson Park ensures that visual development receives priority. This programme has a positive influence on reading fluency, comprehension, mathematical skills, concentration, self-confidence, and sporting performance.

Brief notes on the subjects offered at Hudson Park in the Intermediate and Senior Phases can be accessed via the menu below.


Our Curriculum covers the areas of language development which are listed below:

  • Listening and speaking
  • Reading and phonics
  • Writing and handwriting
  • Thinking and reasoning
  • Language structure and use
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Motivational Events

Each year, we take part in events to develop language skills. These include:

  • Reading and spelling competitions run by the Department of Basic Education
  • The FUN WITH WORDS competition run by SACCEE (South African Council for English Education)
  • We also present a stage production for each grade and enter our pupils in various eisteddfodau and public speaking competitions.
  • Language structure and use

Reading Groups

In most cases, children love reading and are exhilarated when they discover that they can actually 'decode' words.

Our reading groups are designed to build on their positive experience and are structured so that children can proceed at their own pace. Within the groups, those who have aptitude can be extended and those who may require assistance can be given special attention.


Our teachers offer extra lessons after school, and our Remedial Department supports learners who may be experiencing difficulties. Language support classes are also held.

In some cases where follow-up is required, this is done through referral to appropriate professionals, such as Speech and Occupational Therapists.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

- William Butler Yeats