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Our Campus

Our school has nearly doubled its size, in recent times, and today boasts a fine, well-appointed campus, with beautiful trees and gardens that provide a fitting surround for airy, modern classrooms.

Modern Facilities

Expansions have allowed us to provide a separate section for Grade R to Grade 2, special Aftercare facilities, and Academies for extended learning in Mathematics, information Technology, and Art. All classrooms are equipped with computers, data projectors, and inter-active whiteboards, and all areas on campus have constant internet access


Our grounds are fully fenced with robust palisade fencing, and we employ full-time security guards are employed. We also make use of CCTV monitoring.

Image of garden

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Image of Centennial Hall

This fine events and entertainment centre is used as the venue for many of our functions.

Image of GMusic block

This building is used as a venue for Music lessons, during academic hours, and as our Aftercare facility, in the afternoons.

Image of Science Laboratory

A well-equipped laboratory encourages learners to take an interest in Science.

Image of Computer Laboratory

Learners can use and explore the digital world to their hearts' content in our computer laboratories.

Image of Library

This beautiful facility was completely refurbished in 2023.

Image of Tennis courts

Substantial renovations have transformed our courts.

Image of Sports fields

We have extensive playing fields which, depending upon the season, are used for Rugby, Cricket, or Hockey. An automated pop-up watering system helps to maintain our playing surfaces.

Image of Netball courts

These courts have recently been re-surfaced and they provide a top-class playing experience for our girls.

Image of pool

The upgrading of our Ted Allen pool complex was completed in November 2023 and involved enclosing the pool and installing a water heating system.

Image of Cricket nets

Our young cricketers have the advantage of being able to work on technique in the nets, before taking to the pitch for their matches..

Image of Tuckshop

We promote a healthy lifestyle through our Live Well Excel Programme, incorporating a tuckshop which has South African Heart and Stroke Foundation accreditation.

Image of Coffee Shop

An ideal venue for moms and visitors to meet over light refreshments.

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

- Malcolm Little

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